Game of Thrones Book Jackets
The project was to design concept-focused jackets for a series of at least three books. We were to choose any titles we wish, but recognize the opportunity to reflect our personal interests and passions. I am obsessed with Game of Thrones, so when presented with a project to redesign book jackets, I chose the first three books in Martin's series. The goal was to continue to use a system and think conceptually. I really wanted to capture the essence of Game of Thrones in these jackets and try something completely new for me design-wise. My first idea was to use an illustration technique to accurately convey the feel of each book. Though I enjoy illustration, I am not an illustrator and realized that I would be unable to complete three fully-realized illustrations before the deadline of the project. My solution was to try something that I had not tackled before. The idea was to use photos and sharpen up my Photoshop skills. I was able to create three unique covers by combining the imagery I created with typography that was fitting to the stories. Overall, this design shows off my typographic knowledge, use of systems, and griding. It also captures the essence of Game of Thrones in a different way than the current covers.


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