Hang 20 Hammock Festival
We were to design a logo and collateral applications for a fictitious community celebration or event. The goal was to choose something profound that echoes your passions and reflects your personality and interests. Your familiarity with the subject or theme determines and defines the demographics you work with. We were to work conceptually, utilize an aesthetic appropriate for our intended audience and stylistically sensitive to the graphic design community that would eventually judge your success.

My concept for this project was to create a festival where a bunch of mockers could get together and hang. I also wanted this to be somewhat of a chill out and jam session, where participants can bring their own instruments (think guitars, ukuleles, and other instruments that are easy to travel with). This would be a ticketed event, with proceeds going to Conservation Minnesota. I did a lot of research on contemporary branding for this project and really wanted to reflect that research in to this design. After sketching, I developed a typographic logo that featured a hammock-like shape and was inspired by Pentagram to use this shape in a pattern as a brand asset. The final branding reflected the fun and contemporary event that I had imagined.


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