Endangered Species Infographic
Design and produce a type-dominated poster that provides the viewer with a sense of you and/or your passions. Utilize two or more colors and include at least two different kinds of charts and/or graphs. In high school, I went to an environmentally focused school. I had always had a passion for wildlife, but it was at this school where my passion really sparked. For my infographic poster, I decided to utilize this passion by creating a poster that shows just how serious of a matter endangered species are. The main challenge that this project provided was figuring out how to organize a large amount of information within the spacial limitation. The other challenge was figuring out how to effectively and efficiently communicate information, even when the viewer is only taking a quick glance. I was able to use an advanced typographic hierarchy, layering, and composition to get my point across and draw the viewer in to reading more about the subject. There are many fine nuances that are present in this infographic and the more you look at it, the more you notice.

*Recipient of 2019 American Graphic Design Award from GDUSA.


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