St. Paul Parks Ad Campaign
The project was to design a concept-focused advertising campaign promoting Saint Paul parks. Direct your ads to sophisticated, college-educated young professionals in their late twenties to early thirties. The ads should be designed for national placement in demographically sorted weekly magazines sequentially for a month (or longer).

When I am looking for a moment of calm and want to get away from the bustle of the world, I always turn to nature. The best way to find some peace is to get outside. Whether it be going for a walk or sitting on a bench deep in thought, as long as I’m doing something outside, I can find a place of serenity.

My concept for my ad campaign is “Find your peace.” I have always been a fan of puns, and through my research of advertising, I found that humor is effective and memorable. While trying to fall asleep one night, I envisioned a single page ad with a large photo of a featured St. Paul park. Right where the focal point would be, there would be a missing “puzzle” piece, so the viewer couldn't see the finished scene. The ad would say “Find your peace,” which would also be a play on words encouraging the viewer to go to the park and finish the “puzzle” (scene) for themselves. I also wanted to highlight Minnesota's four seasons by using a different time of year for each of the four advertisements. This way, the viewer can see that St. Paul Parks are beautiful and calming all year round and note the importance of enjoying all four seasons in Minnesota culture.


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