Breakfast Branding: Magnolias
Founded in January of 1984, Magnolias is a staple of the Payne-Phalen community in St. Paul, MN. The restaurant is notorious for their large portion sizes, family-friendly atmosphere, and an extremely inviting environment that will have you feeling the small town vibes in the middle of a large city.

The objective of this re-brand was to design a new logo, identity, and stationery system that works for their letterhead, envelope, and business cards. It was important to correctly capture the feel of Magnolias in this re-brand, so instead of straying too far from the original illustrative logo I kept the magnolia flower idea, but made it an icon as opposed to an illustration. This helps the mark stay contemporary and fresh, but also stays true to Magnolias' roots. You will notice that what makes the logo unique is the subtle letter “M” that is combined with the profile view of magnolia petals. In terms of color, I chose a shade of pink and a shade of dark green. These colors were influenced by the current colors on the canopy outside of the restaurant and the reoccurring theme of pinks and greens being used inside of the restaurant. Overall, this new identity captures and displays the warm and inviting feeling that Magnolias fosters.

Evolution of the Logo:
Stationery System:

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