2F22 Identity & Branding
We set out to help define a 2 for 22 initiative to bring in two more cars per day in retail stores in 2022. Our ultimate goal was to generate excitement and activate a sales culture through design and messaging. Three keywords were used as pillars for the system; achievement, momentum and competition. These words were used as way-finding points to ensure every touch point throughout the overall experience connected back to all three.

And from there, we developed a bold and exciting look and feel. The beauty of this identity is not only a unique typographic logo that is reflective of the master brand, but there is a little surprise and delight when you notice that the logo and brand elements incorporate the notion of tire treads and forward momentum.​​​​​​​

Agency / Colle McVoy for Goodyear Auto Service
Design Director / Diana Quenomoen
Designers / Carli Bruckmueller, Kassi Ferry
Copywriter / Bryce Boyle Hoban
The logo is extremely versatile. It works both vertically and horizontally, and on yellow, white and blue backgrounds. We also crafted a couple of patterns that incorporate a custom car icon that was built using the same system and angles as the logo. These patterns not only add energy to the brand, but also provide a subtle reminder of the overall goal to service two more cars each day.
In the same treadmark-like spirit, icons were crafted to quickly communicate task categories – cars, measurements, battery, checks, car history reports, communication, tires, and oil.
A custom racetrack huddleboard not only tracks daily 2 for 22 progress, but also gives teams space to incorporate location-specific milestones, while still feeling like a part of the overall brand. The back side of the racetrack huddleboard shows how employees can keep their customers moving forward. This poster helps auto techs ensure every customer hits the open road with confidence, the general service jack of all trades is ready to step in where needed, and the general maintenance tech can keep traffic flowing for efficient and timely services, while also ensuring that the full team is on the same page.

The huddleboard was a great way to get the team on the same page during morning huddles, but it was important to track progress in a common area where everyone can stay in the loop. This is where the daily scorecard flipper came in – on the left is the amount of cars serviced last year and on the right, is a running count of cars serviced today. This made it possible to keep the overall goal progress visible to everyone and at the top of the mind.
Job-specific posters were created to serve as daily reminders how each individual can put the pedal to the metal and help service more cars. These are placed in locations that are specific to each position’s daily routines; for example the auto tech poster is a magnet on their toolbox.
To be successful, this program needed a way to express appreciation for their employees' hard work. Employees can be recognized via being nominated to be on the Pit Crew Gratitude board that is displayed in the shop, a recognition card from their manager, which comes with lapel pins that can be collected and displayed throughout the year, and customized emails to call out specific achievements. 
This is such a fun identity, so of course we had to throw some goodies in there – here’s variety of stickers and lapel pin, a grease towel, water bottle, lanyard and even a branded wrench. We just couldn't help ourselves.
You might think that's it for this project, but our wheels kept turning. It's cool to have a great identity, but it's even cooler when that identity can morph to fit the needs of the future, so we created a custom numerical set that gives future opportunity to continue the program! We already have 2F22, but let's keep that momentum going with 2F23, 2F24, 2F25, etc.

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