Up North Stickers
This project is a continuation of my stickers series. I loved doing the stickers so much, I decided to expand it in to a passion project. These places are all near and dear to my heart and I really enjoy trying to capture the feeling of each place! This project was filled with passion and I can't wait to expand on it even more.
For this project, I wanted to maintain the same system that I used for the travel stickers so it could be considered an addition to the original project. When choosing which areas to highlight along the North Shore, I chose two of the most well-known tourist destinations; Split Rock Lighthouse and Canal Park. The next step was to determine a color palette for each that accurately captured the essence of the location. From there, I focused on limiting myself to using the same types of shapes and illustration style as the other stickers. When the project was finished, I actually got interviewed by a small, Duluth news station called The Slice about the creation of these stickers and there is a featured artist video about these two stickers on their website.

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