Zoetis Equine Campaign Identity & Branding
Zoetis Equine wanted to remind horse owners and veterinarians it’s always by their side in providing the best care to all horses. In a category that’s seriously lacking emotion, we found an opportunity to strengthen the brand’s position as the caring horse expert it’s always been.

What came next was not only a brand belief but also a rallying cry. One that Zoetis Equine could use to reach veterinarians and horse owners with a powerful statement both could relate to.

Long Live the Horse emboldened Zoetis Equine with a purpose-driven mindset that emotionally connected veterinarians and horse owners to the brand.​​​​​​​
Agency / Colle McVoy for Zoetis Equine
Group Creative Director / Puja Shaw
Design Director / Diana Quenomoen
Designers / Catherine Bretheim, Carli Bruckmueller, 
Ben Hait
Art Director / Dylan Krenka
Copywriter ACD / Louie Calvano, Alicia D’Agostino, 
Richard Beahm
Photographer / Andy Anderson
We created a new brand identity system that’s authentic, human and down to earth. The campaign’s pattern system is derived from the Zoetis logo and reflects the movement of a horse’s tail, while our color palette builds on Zoetis’ corporate color system by incorporating additional earth tones that add a premium feel and celebrate horses’ beautiful coats and natural environments.
Our photography system captures real moments of hard work that vets and horse owners put in to champion horses’ quality of life. This photography system gave new life to print and other materials.
We impressed veterinarians when we showed up in a bolder way than ever before at their annual convention by reminding them that Zoetis Equine is always by their side across the continuum of care and a horse’s life.

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