Goodyear Auto Service Brand Identity
Our goal was to set the Goodyear Auto Service brand apart within the category while leveraging the Goodyear
masterbrand strengths – including their legacy, reputation, expertise and high standards for service. Central to this task was to define a unique, ownable and category-leading brand identity.

The new GAS color palette is designed to modernize, elevate and nurture personal connections by eliciting optimism, upbeat energy and forward momentum. We use a friendly and approachable typeface in sentence case that stands out in a category filled with all caps and italics. The custom icon system adds an ownable visualization tool that modernizes, elevates and sets our brand apart in the category. The tiered system is scalable and gives us flexibility because it doubles as a delightful, yet hardworking, visual shorthand that can alleviate the need for copy in character-count restricted formats. 

Enabling movement is in the genetic sequencing of the brand, so our new graphic system plays a huge role in the identity. This system uses familiar cues inspired by the road to guide the eyes to key messages and give us an easy and natural way to incorporate motion into our communications. Finally, photography plays such an integral role in the visual identity that we’ve broken our subjects up into six categories—tires, vehicles, people, service, CGI and,  aerial imagery. All six work together to ensure we have variety and depth, and more importantly a unique and distinct personality.
Agency / Colle McVoy for Goodyear Auto Service
VP, Group Design Director / Diana Quenomoen
Associate Design Director / Robert Pflaum
Associate Creative Director / Lauren Colasanti
Designer / Carli Bruckmueller

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